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We are a Polish company independently manufacturing ozone generators.

O-ZON generators are manufactured in Białystok based on the technology of quartz tubes with platinum electrodes, which was developed by our engineers. The ozone generators also features a specialized air flow system, which ensures highly efficient operation.

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The benefits

of working

with O-ZON

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Professional advice 

We provide professional advice prior to the purchase. If you have any questions regarding ozone-based air purification, the associated technology, and the use of ozone generators, etc., please feel free to call us, write to us, or ask any questions via Messenger. We will try to respond quickly and provide helpful advice.


The warranty for our devices is 24 months for individual customers, for business clients the warranty period is also 24 months for the PRO series, and 12 months for the A series devices. In the event of any technical problems with devices purchased from our company, we are able to repair them within very short deadlines as we are the direct manufacturer of these devices.


We do not require service check-ups or technical inspections. Due to the applied technologies and solutions, the devices do not require servicing. The only requirement is to regularly clean/replace the filter in accordance with the operating instructions.


Its very easy to keep our devices in good condition. Due to the applied solutions, the ozonator generates very small amounts of nitrogen oxide (dirty sludge), which means that cleaning the device is not a problem like in the case of ozonators produced by most other manufacturers. Due to the applied airflow and the shape of the quartz elements (tube), there are also no problems with dust settling inside the device.

Working time

O-zon ozonators have no restrictions on the length of operation and can operate continuously, due to the applied technology of open air flow quartz tubes.

Availability and origin of the devices

We are the direct manufacturer of O-ZON ozonators. They are produced internally which enables us to ensure quick order execution.



Daniel Odyniec


Adam Józefowicz

Offers and logistics 


  • We will analyze your expectations.

  • We will verify what kind of room or space you want to clean.

  • We will ask you for the necessary information: type of room, cubature, purpose of the room, possible working time and other necessary information.

  • We will advise and suggest optimal equipment. If necessary, we will make an ozonator for special orders. In the case of large and complex orders, we provide specialized training.

  • We will ensure timely and safe transport of all equipment to the site

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