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In the case of O-ZON ozonators the ozone is produced by a unique silent corona discharge lamp, which is our company's proprietary design and is independently produced at our plant. Corona discharges produce ozone through the application of a high voltage to a metal mesh placed between two dielectrics. High voltage (often over 3 kV) passes through the dielectric to a grounded screen, producing a discharge that splits oxygen molecules. A built-in fan forces air movement around the corona discharge lamp.  

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Our generators have quartz tubes with platinum-coated electrodes - they generate ozone in its purest form and have a long service life - compared to “cheap" devices available on the market. 
Artificially produced ozone is as effective as naturally occurring ozone, provided that its concentration is carefully controlled. Due to the fact that ozone is converted back into oxygen in a relatively short time, ozone cannot be stored and delivered in a tank or a cylinder. It has to be produced at the site where it is used by a suitable ozone generator. 

In the currently produced open airflow ozonators, it is difficult to control the required ozone concentration at a constant level. A generator that is properly matched to the cubic volume of the given premises gradually increases the ozone content in the air. This content is frequently too high, and as we know, high ozone concentration negatively affects the devices and the materials present in a given room.  In various cases, we need different concentrations of ozone (dental offices, operating rooms, public health facilities, etc.). Because of that, we have developed an open air flow ozone generator providing a stable ozone concentration.  

Open air flow ozonators in the quartz tube corona discharge technology enable continuous operatation.

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